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  • Medicontur

    Add quality to your vision.

  • Soft Finance

    Data management for the finance industry.

  • Exomotion

    Disrupts the way you move.

  • Nyce Art Management

    Innovative solutions for the contemporary art market.

  • Orbiwise

    Leading solution provider for Low-Power Wide-Area wireless networks.

  • Plair

    Solutions for Real-Time Pollen Counting.

  • Dextens

    High precision sensors and technologies.

  • Kejako

    Potentially the next generation standard in personalized ophthalmic anti-aging surgery.

  • Mikajaki

    Self-operated station for advanced automated ocular diagnosis and dispensing.

  • XCelens

    Graduated 2007
    Providing optical solutions

  • Faveeo

    Collaborative intelligence for web and social media.

  • Proton VPN

    Secure and free VPN service for protecting your privacy.

  • DyAnsys

    Graduated 2014
    Medical diagnostics and treatment centred on the Autonomic Nervous System.

  • Medimaps Group

    Evaluate bone health and understand fracture risks.

  • Quantreex

    Democratizing AI driven Trading Strategies.

  • Expedismart

    Private and professional shipments worldwide.

  • CommoChain

    Commodity Trading on the Blockchain.

  • Syrha

    Advanced Hyaluronic Acid Technologies.

  • Cleverdist

    Integrating the latest control and automation technologies into your industry.

  • Karios Games

    Games for mobile platforms.

  • TVP Solar

    High-vacuum flat solar thermal panels.

  • iFluenz

    The place where brands and influencers meet.

  • BioXpress

    Biosimilar biologics for cancer, inflammation, and autoimmunity.

  • MagicTomato

    Market freshness delivered the same day.

  • InvestGlass

    Integrated Wealth Advisor Platform.

  • RoboteQ

    Electric drive and motion control systems.

  • Goodwall

    The student community.

  • TwentyGreen

    Probiotic feed supplement for sustainable animal farming.

  • V-Labs

    Augmented reality for excavation works.

  • ProtonMail

    World’s largest secure email service.

  • Viroblock

    Respiratory masks that kill pathogenic viruses.

  • Linkage Biosciences

    Graduated 2017
    Molecular diagnostics for organ transplants

  • Ebamed

    Non-invasive automated treatment of heart arrhythmias using ion beams.

  • Co-objectifs 21

    Objective: 50% recycling

  • Necio

    Introducing ebeesafe, a LoRaWAN-compatible full IoT platform.

  • Planet Intus

    Real-time Indoor Positioning technologies.

  • Aptissen

    Advanced Polymers for TISSue ENgineering.

  • Gmelius

    Lightweight CRM and Shared Inbox for Gmail.

  • Phasis

    Thin films for high technology.

  • Multiwave

    Accelerating the design of metamaterials.

  • Law-rence

    Your platform for legal advice.

  • Nano Bridging Molecules

    Graduated 2006
    Surface treatment for bone-anchored dental implants

  • Acqiris

    Graduated 2006
    High-speed digitizers and analyzers


    Graduated 2016
    Representing the commodity trading and shipping industry

  • Energy Management

    Graduated 2016
    Energy Management

  • Imverse

    Your immersive mixed reality universe.

  • Autodose

    Graduated 2006
    Automated dosing for rapid high throughput screening for R&D

  • Green Office

    Selective waste sorting solutions.

  • Global Data Excellence

    Maximize the business value of your company data.

  • Taurus

    Next generation platform to trade, invest, and protect your digital assets.

  • Prodibi

    High-resolution images online without compromise.

  • FlickUp

    Discover food together.

  • Planair

    Energy efficiency, renewable energies and environmental protection.

  • GovFaces

    Digital debate delivered.

  • IPStock

    Secure storage of photos, illustrations, and vectors.

  • Astresight

    Surveying your cables.

  • i2iLOGIC

    We transform client engagements in FI 2 B.

  • Tegona

    Coding digital security and business processes.

  • Alohi

    A cloud based communication service.

  • Anteis

    Graduated 2013
    Offers an extended portfolio of advanced dermal fillers, part of Merz Anteis

  • Token Estate

    Real estate investing on the blockchain.

  • Selexis

    Graduated 2017
    Global leader in mammalian cell line development.

  • Sonarsource

    Graduated 2012
    Continuous code quality

  • Aguablue

    Water for all.

  • QuartzBio

    Graduated 2016
    Analysing biomarker data for clinical trials

  • Abilis

    Graduated 2004
    A fabless semiconductor company, now part of the Kudelski Group

  • Exlterra

    Smart Water Management.

  • Quantum Integrity

    Technology to track digital image manipulation.

  • Telexoo

    Currency exchange at the best rate. Fast.

  • Augurix

    Companion diagnostics devices for early diagnosis of gastro-intestinal diseases.

  • All The Content

    Graduated 2004
    Transforms content rights into a liquid commodity for the media industry

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