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FONGIT, the “Fondation Genevoise pour l’Innovation Technologique”, is Switzerland’s premier innovation incubator supporting innovative tech ventures in Geneva.

Founded in 1991, Fongit has an excellent track record of building successful companies.

We are a private, non-profit foundation, whose mission is to transform technology into social & economic value in the Geneva region.

We benefit from the support of the State of Geneva.

Startups at Fongit

Why Fongit?

Our entrepreneurs explain the challenges they faced, and the secret of their success in this video:  Why Fongit


Fongit currently hosts over 50 innovative companies representing 350+ employees in 4500+ m2 of professionally-equipped offices & laboratory space. Our entrepreneurs develop innovative Fintech, IT, Engineering, and Medtech companies.

Our foundation supports early-stage, innovative tech ventures by providing fully-equipped offices & labs, administration & accounting, business coaching, and access to finance.

Fongit supports you in transforming an idea or technology into a viable product and a growing company.

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