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With 10+ successful exits in 10 years, and a community of quality startups that raised CHF 65+ M last year, our incubator is the optimal place to identify your next investment opportunity.

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We coach our startups to deliver a full investor slide deck, a crisp elevator pitch, accurate financials, and a reasonable valuation. This enables you to rapidly screen, evaluate and select the best opportunities. Incubated startups have a greater success rate. Discover them at Fongit.

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Startup & angel events

Startup incubators are the hub of entrepreneurial ecosystems and the natural home of the most promising ventures. Fongit regularly teams up with leading Swiss and international angel groups to organize events in which curated & prepared startups pitch. 

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Pitch contest

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Our quarterly investor newsletter showcases four startups with investor reports from EarlyMetrics. Each of these startups has completed our fundrasing preparation. This is key to you finding the good deals before the crowd. To qualify to receive our newsletter, please contact us below.

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Our startups: a smart investment

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  • Anteis

    Graduated 2013
    Offers an extended portfolio of advanced dermal fillers, part of Merz Anteis

  • Multiwave

    Accelerating the design of metamaterials.

  • Telexoo

    Currency exchange at the best rate. Fast.

  • Expedismart

    Private and professional shipments worldwide.

  • Exlterra

    Smart Water Management.


    Graduated 2016
    Representing the commodity trading and shipping industry

  • Augurix

    Companion diagnostics devices for early diagnosis of gastro-intestinal diseases.

  • Linkage Biosciences

    Graduated 2017
    Molecular diagnostics for organ transplants

  • Sonarsource

    Graduated 2012
    Continuous code quality

  • QuartzBio

    Graduated 2016
    Analysing biomarker data for clinical trials

  • Includeed

    How inclusive is your company?

  • Nyce Art Management

    Innovative solutions for the contemporary art market.

  • Green Office

    Selective waste sorting solutions.

  • Plair

    Solutions for Real-Time Pollen Counting.

  • Hovve

    A new vision for Real Estate.

  • FlickUp

    Discover food together.

  • Autodose

    Graduated 2006
    Automated dosing for rapid high throughput screening for R&D

  • Acqiris

    Graduated 2006
    High-speed digitizers and analyzers


    Quality furniture for the new generations.

  • Energy Management

    Graduated 2016
    Energy Management

  • TwentyGreen

    Probiotic feed supplement for sustainable animal farming.

  • Viroblock

    Respiratory masks that kill pathogenic viruses.

  • Tegona

    Coding digital security and business processes.

  • Soft Finance

    Data management for the finance industry.

  • Alohi

    A cloud based communication service.

  • Prodibi

    High-resolution images online without compromise.

  • iFluenz

    The place where brands and influencers meet.

  • Goodwall

    The student community.

  • Kejako

    Kejako has the potential to become the next generation standard in personalized ophthalmic anti-aging surgery

  • Abilis

    Graduated 2004
    A fabless semiconductor company, now part of the Kudelski Group

  • InvestGlass

    Integrated Wealth Advisor Platform.

  • Planet Intus

    Real-time Indoor Positioning technologies.

  • TVP Solar

    High-vacuum flat solar thermal panels.

  • Phasis

    Thin films for high technology.

  • Cleverdist

    Integrating the latest control and automation technologies into your industry.

  • Astresight

    Surveying your cables.

  • Planair

    Energy efficiency, renewable energies and environmental protection.

  • ProtonMail

    World’s largest secure email service.

  • Gmelius

    Your email inbox on steroids.

  • Red Tape

    We simplify paperwork.

  • Selexis

    Graduated 2017
    Global leader in mammalian cell line development

  • Innovaradio

    High efficiency drain modulation solution.

  • Dextens

    High precision sensors and technologies

  • Aguablue

    Water for all.

  • Aptissen

    Advanced Polymers for TISSue ENgineering.

  • BioXpress

    Biosimilar biologics for cancer, inflammation, and autoimmunity.

  • Imverse

    Your immersive mixed reality universe

  • Faveeo

    Collaborative intelligence for web and social media.

  • IPStock

    Secure storage of photos, illustrations, and vectors.

  • Global Data Excellence

    Maximize the business value of your company data.

  • Orbiwise

    Leading solution provider for Low-Power Wide-Area wireless networks.

  • CO-Objectif 21

    Objective: 50% recycling.

  • Medimaps Group

    Evaluate bone health and understand fracture risks.

  • Medicontur

    Add quality to your vision.

  • All The Content

    Graduated 2004
    Transforms content rights into a liquid commodity for the media industry

  • Nano Bridging Molecules

    Graduated 2006
    Surface treatment for bone-anchored dental implants

  • GovFaces

    Digital debate delivered.

  • Karios Games

    Games for mobile platforms.

  • XCelens

    Graduated 2007
    Providing optical solutions

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