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Successful startups

Over the last 25 years, we have had the privilege of working with hundreds of exceptional startups.

With so many breakthrough products launched & successful exits, we’re really proud of our alumni.

In fact, our most successful entrepreneurs have chosen to launch their next startups at Fongit!

What our alumni say about us

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« I can 150% recommend Fongit to any tech entrepreneur, as they enable you to focus on value creation. Fongit is above all a great community of entrepreneurs. »

-Gian-Luigi Berini, CEO, AutoDose

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« Fongit is like a family to us: from foundation, fundraising, and exit. And now I am relaunching 3 new startups at Fongit. »

-Gilles Bos, CEO and co-founder, Anteis

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« Fongit was key to our success - from establishing the company in Geneva to our successful exit. »

-Igor Fisch, CEO and co-founder, Selexis

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« Working with Fongit we received very valuable advice and support, from the stage of spinning off from the corporate entity, to incorporation, and to the development into a sustainable company. »

-Jérôme Wojcik, CEO and co-founder, Quartz Bio

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« Fongit was the essential strategic cornerstone of our European expansion »

-Zach Antovich, CEO and founder, Linkage Biosciences

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« Being at Fongit enables you to focus on growing your core business. »

-Jerome Wojcik, CEO and co-founder, Quartz Bio

Some of our successful alumni

  • Anteis

    Graduated 2013
    Offers an extended portfolio of advanced dermal fillers, part of Merz Anteis

  • Abilis

    Graduated 2004
    A fabless semiconductor company, now part of the Kudelski Group

  • Energy Management

    Graduated 2016
    Energy Management

  • Selexis

    Graduated 2017
    Global leader in mammalian cell line development.

  • DyAnsys

    Graduated 2014
    Medical diagnostics and treatment centred on the Autonomic Nervous System.

  • Acqiris

    Graduated 2006
    High-speed digitizers and analyzers

  • QuartzBio

    Graduated 2016
    Analysing biomarker data for clinical trials

  • All The Content

    Graduated 2004
    Transforms content rights into a liquid commodity for the media industry

  • Dextens

    High precision sensors and technologies.

  • Nano Bridging Molecules

    Graduated 2006
    Surface treatment for bone-anchored dental implants

  • XCelens

    Graduated 2007
    Providing optical solutions

  • Linkage Biosciences

    Graduated 2017
    Molecular diagnostics for organ transplants

  • Sonarsource

    Graduated 2012
    Continuous code quality


    Graduated 2016
    Representing the commodity trading and shipping industry

  • Autodose

    Graduated 2006
    Automated dosing for rapid high throughput screening for R&D

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