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Join us at the Swiss Startup Day in Bern.
Network with the whole of the Swiss Startup scene. Great speakers, pitches, investors on stage, and a masterclass. Www.startupdays.ch

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Connect the dots and go global. Can Swissnex boost your expansion? Read on for more information:

Great startups and smart investors- looking forward to co-hosting with Swiss ICT Investor Club!

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Want to discover how luxury brands are embracing digital technologies?

Curious how symbiotic collaborations between startup and corporations lead to Innovation?

All that and more at the Netcomm Suisse exclusive e-Luxury Summit!

For more details: http://netcommsuisse.ch/Events/e-Luxury_Summit.html

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Congratulations to our startup www.EBA-Med.com for winning Venture Kick stage 3. For more details and to discover their award-winning technology : https://bit.ly/2oVl6ma

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Which decisions can you delegate, and which demand your focus?

50 signs you might be an Entrepreneur. https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/232451

Thank you to special guest Deborah Price, Senior Consultant at ttec Europe for facilitating the all-day masterclass Fongit:Force "Winning the Sale:Closing the Deal" here at Fongit. We would also like to thank all those who participated and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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We are coming close to the 15th edition of the Swiss Startup Day held in Bern on the 25th and 26th of September 2018! Register and get a chance to attend the biggest startup event of the year.
See you there!

What is Quantum Computing? Here's a quick guide:

Congratulations to Imverse, #OrbiWise, ProtonMail, #Cleverdist and #TwentyGreen who were recognised in the eighth edition of the Top 100 Swiss Startup Award 2018.

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How close is your startup to the market?
Here are the best tools to use in each phase of the innovation pipeline:

Looking for a funding opportunity. Are you part of the Venture Kick experience?
Gebert Rüf Foundation launches InnoBooster, a new line of funding open to participants already entered in the Venture Kick process (stage 1 projects):

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Thank you to Sam Lee, founder and CEO Blockchain Global, for visiting our HQ and for the fruitful exchange of best practices in the business.

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Well done to InvestGlass, one of 14 companies selected by the Salesforce Accelerate programme:

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Proudly innovating in Geneva.
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