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Anouk Silvestrini, coach en collaboration proactive (www.anouksilvestrini.ch) nous explique les trois facettes d'un rôle selon Belbin.

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Our startup Gmelius is portrayed in Bilan magazine! Read more here:

Are you a business angel or interested in becoming one?

If yes, sign up now for the 51st edition of Investor Day event that will take place at Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) on 28th May.

During the event Philip Bodmer, the 2017 SECAs Angel Investor Of the Year, will share his insights on 17 years of extensive angel investing experience.

Get your ticket at: https://sictic.ch/51

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If you are an investor, a business angel or are a startup supporter, this Swiss ICT Investor Club 51st Investor Day event is for you.

The event will take place on May 28th with 8 startups: Exomotion Swissdecode, Mitipi, rovenso, Cogito Instruments, Eyeware Advanced Sport Instrument and Aeler pitching to potential investors and supporters.

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A light-hearted look at IT jobs. Have a great weekend!

Anouk Silvestrini, coach en collaboration proactive, (www.anouksilvestrini.ch) nous présente la méthode Belbin, ou comment tirer le meilleur de votre équipe, reconnaître les rôles les plus forts de chacun et mettre en lumière leur contribution.

Episode 1: l'équipe efficace selon Belbin

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Fongit "Demo Demo Day" or prototyping the Demo-day: we gathered with our wider community of investors, institutional, and private partners for a celebration of the innovation journey, from young startups to highly successful mature companies.

Thanks to Selexis SA, TVPsolar.com, multiwave.ch, kejako.com , Imverse for their outstanding presentations and to all our other startups for their demonstrations: alohi.com, Exomotion, flickup.co.uk, Gmelius, InvestGlass, Prodibi, Quantreex.com, quantumintegrity.ch, v-labs.ch

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Freshly arrived at Fongit, our startup V-Labs (www.v-labs.ch) presented their augmented reality solution for excavating works to our community during our May Café & Croissant!

Don't forget the Fast Track - Board Academy is for the first time in Geneva, starting on the 29th of May. If you're planning to become a board member or, as a CEO, want to learn more about what your board should be doing for you, subscribe here ->

See you next month!

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Looking for some pastimes for the coming long weekend?

This is a list of the 48 best podcasts for entrepreneurs to get your brain working and inspiration coming while you enjoy some time off.

Storytelling is an art, but if you are an entrepreneur the future of your business might depend on it.

Check out this simple infographic summarizing 7 storytelling structures that you can use to tell your story in a most engaging and captivating way.

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